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Holy properly fitting denim, Batman!!

I'm gonna have to go check that out!

Thanks for the review! I didn't even know that was coming around the corner.


I saw those over the weekend and was so confused until a sales girl armed with a measuring tape informed me what they were and tried to size me up.

Though at first I thought the whole promotion just to be a sham, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea. Women get so wrapped up in sizes and the new 1 - 12 size chart eliminates the double digits that many focus way too many negative thinking about. I mean, the last time I fit into a size 4 was 75 pounds ago. Now I fit into a Blue size 3.

I love the right fit jeans! I work at LB so I got a pair for 10 dollars and they fit me perfectly! The length is perfect(I am about 6' and I can never find jeans that are long enough).I have no butt and LB pants are always saggy in the butt but these fit like a glove. I am a yellow 4!

I'm wearing my new ones right now! LOVE them.

I heartily second the advice to try them on in the store -- I, too, was a completely different size from what the website told me. I ended up being a bigger size, in part because what I think of as my "natural waist" is about two inches higher than where the woman measured me. I also ended up being a red instead of a blue, which stunned me, because the waist/hip ratio has always been the bane of my jeans-shopping existence, so I thought for sure I'd be on the extreme end there.

So, yeah, I definitely wouldn't order your first pair online (unless you have no choice), but holy cow, when you find the ones that fit, they're awesome.

Yay! Everyone in jeans that fit! :D

The interesting thing about the new sizing is that there's no size-based shame associated with it because it's so new and it's based on fit more than actual measurements.

I was talking to a woman at the store who said she wore an 8 but she probably weighed less than I do, and I'm a 5. It doesn't seem to have much to do with weight as much as proportion.

And I have to laugh because I'm usually a size 26 and now I'm a 5 at LB and I'm a size 3 or 4 at Torrid. Heh!

And I have to laugh because I'm usually a size 26 and now I'm a 5 at LB and I'm a size 3 or 4 at Torrid.

I'm a size 0 in Kiyonna stuff. Cracks me up every time! :)

Can you confirm whether or not the Right Fit jeans are available in a size 12 on the website? I don't think the 8 is going to work for me (normally the 26/28 LB jeans don't fit), but I didn't see any additional sizes available on the website. If they do start to offer them in the higher sizes, I would be so excited!

I drove 45 miles to my nearest LB to be there the day they put these jeans out on their sales floor. This is the first pair of jeans that I've ever owned that fit snug (not tight) through the butt and thighs but don't give me a muffin top! And they wash like a dream. I was told by the sales associate that more washes/styles to come in mid August. Hurrah!

I bought some on Friday! They fit perfect! I feel silly going on and on about jeans, but I've been telling every plus sized woman I know! Great job LB!


Ever since I gave birth, I started looking for the perfect pair of jeans. I bought expensive jeans (148 per pair) and they still did not fit properly. When Lane Bryant came out with their Right Fit jeans I decided to give them a try. I had nothing to loose. I had never shopped at Lane Bryant, but I'm glad I did. The sales associate was very friendly and helpful and measured me at a Red 2 Petite. I almost cried when I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how the jeans pit perfectly around the waist, hips, and thighs. No more muffin top! They definitely beat designer jeans at fine department stores.

One happy mom!

Well, sorry gals, I can not stress enough how I truly HATE THIS!

I preferred the old sizing, where I knew exactly which real, actual dress size I could reach for, and buy, with out having to try it on!

Also, sooooo sorry, but there is no getting around being a 28 tall, even disguised as an 8 blue/red. The bull they try to sell you about making the sizes more diverse, to accommodate all the different shapes we come in is nonsense! I'm not kidding ANYONE by saying I wear a size 8 jean!

I also realllly hated being measured. The girl was like, "Oh, you're definitely an 8, that's the biggest size we have."

I say bring back the real dress sizes, keep the petite, average and tall, and all the different cuts like boot cut, flare, etc... In my humble opinion, everyone in every shape can find their perfect fit the old way.

...And where of where has all the plain black denim gone?! :)

To A.C., we realize that there's no getting around being a 26 or 28. Who cares about that? Have you TRIED the jeans? OH MY GOSH! They fit like a glove. No more baggy waist with fitted legs. I am a proud Blue 7! These are the first jeans I have ever worn that fit me like a dream. My hips are big and my waist is small. These jeans even made my fiance notice.

And plain black denim? Uhhhmmm, I think last decade called.

I needed new jeans because my thighs ate my fav pair hehe.. I went in the store...walked up to the wall...and was completly stumped....totally confused, so i asked the saled associate to assist. she told me i was a red 8. so i opened them up and they were huge....i grabed a 7 and tried them on...they were also a little big...so i asked her to grab me a 6, and voila!!!!! these are the perfect jean..i absolutly love them...i have been calling everyone (plus size) i know to go and try these jeans!!!! kudos Lane Bryant!!!

I tried on & bought a pair of "Right Fit" jeans in the SF store (size Red 4 which I comfirmed on the web site). They fit really well so I packed them on a trip I was taking the next day. When I arrived at my destination I put them on, with in 45 minutes they were so large they were falling off me! Embarassed, at a beautiful resort I retreated to my suite. Unfortunatly they were the only jeans I packed for a week vacation. I would return them, but I threw out the price tags. What a sham!

First, thanks so much for the heads up on this. I usually avoid LB because I think all their stuff feels like it is made of burlap or cheap polyester. But these jeans are another story. I tried on the red 4 petite and they fit like a dream. However, I have had the same problem as the above poster, they get baggy and wrinkled around the belly really quickly. I'm trying to find a solution, because the red 3 were too tight. I'm going to wash and dry them like crazy and see if it works.

Well I have to disagree. I have had much strife with these new jeans. I didn't have a problem with the old ones. My first try the girl told me I was a 4 yellow, so I tried them on, but had belly bulge. When I got home I entered my measurements online and I was a 4 blue! WHAT??? I went from straight to curvy??
I didn't give up. I went back and tried a 4 red since I knew I wasn't a blue. 4 Red too big in the belly. I decided that I was a 4 orange and was happy with that fate. Being a native American I figured was the problem.
I'm stubborn so I made one more visit to Lane Bryant and this time decided to try a 5 yellow and a 3 red. Well these two were the best fit so far. The yellow was too big in the belly. I decided that I'm a 3 red.
But how does the sales clerk tell me I'm a 4 yellow, the website tell me I'm a 4 blue, and I tell myself I'm a 3 red???
Is this confusion maybe cause I'm taller?? Any ideas?

I used to love Lane Bryant Jeans. I could walk in and buy my size, they fit perfectly. I got measured for the new "right fit" jeans. The tape said I was a 4 but the sales lady said they run large by about 2 sizes. She gave me a 1 (their smallest) and a 3. The 3 was so big almost 2 of me could fit in them. The 1 was still a big baggy-and remember with the stretch you need them to be snug when you buy them. So, not only does the measuring system not work- telling me I am a 4 when I am at most a 1, but the cuts are different and don't fit me. I am so sad that now I have to find a new brand of jeans and hope the ones I have last as long as possible.
(p.s. I also agree with the poster who indicated this is delusional. Telling myself I am a size 1 does not mean I am really the size of an 18 yr old hollywood celebrity).

I agree. I spent almost an hour yesterday at the LB trying to buy a pair of jeans.

I asked the sales woman to help me, and she measured me. She said I was "either a 5 or 6 yellow or red." Well, that's helpful. I'm one of four different sizes. She also told me I was average, when I'm obviously petite. (Any average lengths are at least 3 inches too long on me.)

So I take a Yellow 5P, 6P, and Red 5P, 6P.

None of them worked. So I thought, perhaps I was a Blue 5P. Nope. I asked the saleswoman for help. She insisted that I was a Yellow 5P even though the legs were like painted on. I told her I felt uncomfortable because they were so tight. She said they were supposed to be that way.

I ended up asking them to ship a Red 6P in the light denim. (it's a long story but the dark denim was different fitting than the light denim and they didn't have the light denim in petite, but the Red 6Average seemed to be good other than the length.)

I asked the saleswoman what the sizes actually were, and of course, I got the same story as you all -- that the sizes are really different, etc. I also told them that it was insane that I had to try on half a dozen pairs of jeans (multiple times) to identify the pair that fit me. I'll reserve judgment to see what happens when the pair I ordered arrives, but right now, I just wish I could go back to the regular jeans.

I have never had a pair of jeans that fit until these! I loved the jeans so much that when I tried them on, I wore them around the store while I shopped for tops. I refused to take them off! I found the sizing really easy - the website said I was a Blue 5 but the sales associate suggested I also try one size smaller. She was right - the Blue 4 fit like a dream. No gapping in the waist, form-fitting in the seat and thighs. Perfection! Even my normally-clueless husband said I looked great in these jeans. It's amazing what a difference it makes when you have clothes that fit so well. I can't wait for them to make more styles of pants with this sizing.

So yeah. Friday I went into the store. I thought I was an 8. Nope! I was a blue 4. I tried on 5's (too big) and then a red 4. WAY too small =) I tried on the red 5 and it made me look like I had a baggy mans ass! hehe. So, I ended up with 3 pairs of blue 4's, 2 flare and 1 boot cut. WHAT A DEAl! $20 off per pair! I got THREE PAIRS OF LANE BRYANT JEANS THAT FIT LIKE A GLOVE FOR $58.50!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWEE! lol I'm so excited :D

Alrighty, we're getting a little out of hand here. I'm going to close the comments on this post. If you have a comment about the Right Fit jeans, please see my follow up post. Comments are very welcome but let's keep it civil. Thank you!

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