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On a normal person?

Gee you seem pretty normal. U got 3 heads? Nope
Ugly, Nope, Real Woman (ie not size 0) Yup.

I head that if you eat a lot of Plums you change color to purple also. Ok just kidding. Wify is stone white also. I look tanned besides her. She don't tan, it gets red and burns.

It's in your genes. My Mom's family was Italian (50% here). Thank God missed the Big Nose (Dad's Genes).

So unless you have 8 Arms and 3 heads your normal. I see you as normal young Girl (sorry, but true)


Thanks for the review! I've had We Love Colors in my bookmarks folder for a long time, but hesitated because it's a lot to spend to find tights that don't fit and itch. You've given me the incentive I need to update my tight wardrobe this fall! Thanks!!

Awesome, I will be looking into these when the weather gets cooler. I need to branch outside my normal self with color, and these could help me do that! Excellent news about the size ranges, since I fall into the largest size. Thankful they go that high, but I agree, fishnets would be a welcome addition to the extended size range

Hey, thanks for the review. Literally I was just looking at their site yesterday and considering buying some for the fall, but like the previous poster did not want to waste money on buying something I didn't think would fit. Kinda tired of trying to pull the waistband up from where it ends up around my knees by mid-day.

Great post - thanks for sharing the link!

I have a pair of the striped tights in black and ivory (got them for a steampunk costume last Halloween) and I love them! I've thought about getting a couple of colored pairs for fall/winter.

I LOVE your maryjanes. Where did you get those?

Karen, the shoes are a Softspots style called Adaline. I bought them from shoes.com in January. It looks like they're sold out there but you can probably still find them online from another retailer.

These tights look amazing! I'm always frustrated that Hue tights either don't come in the colors I want, or the color only comes in control top (ew!). I tend to be right between sizes, too, because I'm on the shorter side (5'4") but weigh 170...

I totally love We Love Colors, and the tights are just as awesome as you've described them (I wore nothing but all last fall/winter/spring). I can add that they're pretty durable (my guitar calluses are hell on hosiery), and wear very well with minimal babying. Totally worth every penny.

One thing I will say - I did not love the footless version. The binding at the bottom is cut-off-my-circulation tight (which may vary by ankle size and such), which (for me) makes them pretty much unwearable. Luckily, I only bought the one pair to try out, and I love their footed tights so much it didn't bother me to eat the cost and put them in the fabric stash for repurposing.

I love that We Love Colors offers so many colors of tights. But I have to say, that I can't wear them. They don't fit. I'm about 340 and six feet, so I ordered their largest size. But there was no way on God's green earth that I was even going to get those things over my hips. I've heard from other big & tall girls that they don't fit them either.

Does anyone have a resource for patterned plus tights? I'm always looking for pretty patterns in colors and it frustrates me that the HUE tights, which I love (buy at Nordstrom Rack for about $5-6 instead of the $15 on the package!) don't make the pattern styles in plus. Yes, I have already e-mailed them about that. I got some cableknits styles from LB last year, but I'm not really a fan of their tights because the quality is inconsistent (like their clothes) and they only seemed to come in Black. I'd like color cableknits, window pane, ribbled - the whole range - so if anyone has a resource, I'd be excited.

Oooh, definitely bookmarking this site for when it gets colder. I LOVELOVELOVE tights, and of course I have a hard time finding ones that are big enough.

@ladyloo I think this probably depends on shape and such, too. I clock somewhere around 325-ish and 5'9" with 60" hips, and the EE size are pretty roomy and could easily be pulled up to my armpits.

Really? They feel cottony, as opposed to that so-called "silky" stuff most pantyhose are made of? Do they fit Thunderthighs O' Doom? I'm about 5'8", 230 lbs., with a good bit of that in my lower body. I have never found hosiery that fits me comfortably due to the Thunderthighs. It always gets sausage-casing tight there, even when the hose are sagging at my ankles.

If these might fit my thighs, I think I'll try a pair in gray or black for my next dress-wearing occasion.

Electrogirl, I'm shorter than you but weigh more and my thighs are plenty big. Yes, they fit just fine with room to spare. And the nylon/lycra blend is divine.

Thank you, Colleen! Holy smokes, I might have found hosiery that fits comfortably at long last. I love the Fatosphere.

Off to the I Love Colors site...

Thanks for the review! It is the exact colors I would love to have! I think we are shoes-twins lol I own that softspots pair as well! I am actually surprised to see it on someone else lol

Colleen - I know this is an old post, but I was wondering, if you get this, could you tell me if you think these are suitable under a knee-length dress for April weather where you live? I'm from Florida and trying to buy stuff so I don't freeze for an upcoming vacation.

Do you know if they're chub rub safe? I would love to find something that I can replace pantyhose with that doesn't require another layer of anti-rub stuff.

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