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Thank you for posting my comment. I just cant believe that they are doing this.

I have called and emailed Old Navy many many times, apparently they don't really care because to me their exclusion of Plus Size items from their sales tell me that none of my complaints are taken into consideration.

Thank you again.


Now I'm not one to stick up for huge corporations but the Plus size cashmere was on sale way before the mens or regular size. Same for the first set of Diva jeans that came out in the fall. Also they do this same thing with baby girl versus big girl kids clothes. Same item might be on sale in one area and not the other. And I remember in September there was a week when all plus sizes items were 10 - 20% off.

Yes I agree that there is an issue with how alternative sizes are handled by retailers but really I think all of the ON bashing has got to stop. Of course they wnat your money. I've never seen all of this criticism against J JIll who only carries plus sizes on line and in their catalogs. What with being able to return to any ON store, $5 shipping and the Plus line never being rolled out to all stores ON is ahead of a lot of retailers

And one more thing - there are often online only vs in store sales at retailers. Lane Bryant had one this week where all online purchases were 30% off but this was not the case in the store.

Well said Colleen. Very, very well said.

Shevvi, this isn't so much about the coupon (though hey, I'll take a coupon) it's more about keeping retailers who sell to plus size consumers on their toes.

I don't believe that Old Navy is intentionally leaving plus size buyers out with this particular incident. I think they just didn't consider it. It's a good idea to make sure that they know we're here and we notice this stuff.

I like Old Navy's clothes and I've defended them in the past. I'm not here to start a huge ball of drama over a coupon. I just want them to know that we're paying attention.

I'm not sure, but I think the money ON is saving by only having Plus Sizes online is being spent to offer more sizes. When they were in the store, they went up to a size 26. Since they started being online-only, they offer up to 30. But who knows? Maybe they just figured that since fatties won't be in their stores anyway, they might as well offer options for fattiers. :p

I'm not mad at ON at all. Their clothes are cheap - where else are you going to get an outfit for under $100? And I don't think it matters if they are online-only. There are a lot of online-only plus-size retailers. Kiyonna is one of my favorites.

I'm just curious how many letters people have written to congress, their representatives, or to organizations about their cruel animal policies or un-ecological practices, with as much gusto and hissy fit-ness as we do about Old Navy not offering plus sizes in the store. My point is there are much bigger problems that don't revolve around being fat.

Why are all of the "size-positive" bloggers so angry? Anger is just sadness turned inside out!

Mandy, I understand what you're saying. I really, really do. There are a few points, though.

Kiyonna isn't online only. Their brand is sold in boutiques all over the country and abroad. Buying directly FROM them is online only because it's cheaper for them to sell online than to open up shop in every major city in the US. You can't compare a small label like Kiyonna to a huge retailer like Old Navy. It's like comparing your local indie bookstore to Borders.

I've written about Old Navy in the past, several times. Use the search for "Old Navy" and it'll bring you right to each post.

I'm not having a hissy fit here. Believe me, I have hissy fits all the time and this is nothin' This was a quick email to their customer service to let them know that I was disappointed. If we never say anything, how will they know?

Size acceptance bloggers are angry because fat people are treated poorly in our society. How would that NOT make someone angry?

This anger isn't sadness turned inward, it's disappointment and outrage with a common goal - to make sure fat people are treated fairly and compassionately.

Why are all of the "size-positive" bloggers so angry? Anger is just sadness turned inside out!

Actually, anger's a healthy and reasonable response to injustice.

But like Colleen said, it's not as if this is the end of the world, and the lack of a coupon is cause for major drama. It's about their utter thoughtlessness with regard to a substantial segment of their market. It's bad business, and it doesn't go unnoticed.

Isn't there some sort of laws regulating coupon distribution like this? I mean, I know it's at the companies discretion, but really what it amounts to is discrimination against one segment of consumers. Companies who run contests have to make the contest available to everyone regardless of purchase - I just think there has to be or ought to be some sort of similar regulations leveling the field for consumers when a company issues a coupon available for use by everyone BUT one segment of its consumer base.

Yep, they're losing customers.

"I'm just curious how many letters people have written [...] about their cruel animal policies or un-ecological practices, with as much gusto and hissy fit-ness as we do about Old Navy not offering plus sizes in the store. My point is there are much bigger problems that don't revolve around being fat."

I wouldn't make assumptions. I also wouldn't dismiss real issues with the fact that they're not *as* important as other issues. That's just obnoxious. There's no reason to let bullshit slide just because it isn't the most serious issue you can think of.

I guess they really didn't think this one through. They may have figured that anyone can shop at one of their stores and get hats, scarves and (at least at my local ON) the Christmas stuff they've got out -- stockings, ornaments, gift bags/boxes, fragrances and more.

I personally went there 2 days ago and didn't get any clothes but did find some neat purses. I'm just irritated that I got the email today. Doesn't do me a lot of good now.

But I totally agree that if you want to purchase something that they ONLY SELL ONLINE, you should be able to use the coupon for those purchases. And considering that's a whole range of clothing (plus size), I think they should let the coupon apply to that range.

Hopefully your email will help them see the light.

I buy from Old Navy all of the time. Recently I purchased a dress from them and it didn't fit properly, so I decided to return it to the store. I lost the receipt in the bag, but printed out the receipt from online and my order summary. The receipt from online did have the SKU #, so I thought I would be okay.

When I went to the store, they argued with me and could only return it as a return with no receipt, which means they mailed me a $35 check that I cannot use online and only in the store.

I am loathe to shop there again, but there are so few affordable choices for us out there...

Colleen but what about my other points? What about when items that spanned size brackets were on sale in plus size but not other sizes at ON and what about the entire plus line being on sale? When has this ever happened in the regular size line?

I do get your point about letting the retailers know your opinion my point is that ON is not even in the worst offenders list in my opinion. I just don't understand why I'm not seeing the outrage towards Target, Macys, Nordstoms, Bloommies... All of those places do exactly what ON does.

You may not have wanted to start a huge ball of drama over a coupon but you are. Kate has linked back to you and I expect many more blogs will over the next week given the furor when ON pulled the plus line from the store.

"I wouldn't make assumptions."

I wouldn't, either. I write about things I'm passionate about all the time, and with political issues, usually send them in through standard mail vs. email just to make a point. The fact that different people are passionate about different things is a good thing, IMO. I may not be out there doing cancer walks, but I'm sure glad someone else is, and I'm sure there are others who are glad someone like me knits blankets for the homeless. I truly appreciate those in the fatosphere blogging about clothes and writing letters, it only benefits me in the end, after all. We all contribute in our own way. Who could ever do it all?

If there weren't Colleens around writing about clothes, things would never get better for us. The retailers would never know how we feel, or what we want. Why be silent? And especially, why promote silence for a group who is so undervalued in this society?

We should all be verbal (or textual) about the things companies do wrong for us *and* do right for us. Letter writing *or* blogging does this (and the two together must be powerful indeed). And trust me, many companies are reading the blogs. I can't tell you how many messages I got from companies when I had Meebo on my sidebar. It was really cool interacting with them and knowing even just my own dithering into nowhere was being heard.

To be honest, I don't see how Colleen's post could be bad for ON. It's free consulting and market research, and retailers appreciate the feedback more often than not. In the end, it will only make them more money -- if they're willing to listen.

I just don't understand why I'm not seeing the outrage towards Target, Macys, Nordstoms, Bloommies... All of those places do exactly what ON does.

How so, Shevvi? Seriously.

None of those stores have taken plus sizes entirely out of their stores. They might have a better selection online (though Bloomies sucks to begin with), but they all still have plus sizes in at least some of their stores. So if they send out an in-store coupon, plus size customers have a shot at actually using it on something other than accessories.

The furor at Old Navy isn't because people think there's some awful anti-fat customer conspiracy. It's because they have shown time and again that they just don't give this segment of their market much consideration -- when there are a whole lot of plus-size customers who have spent a lot of money at ON over the years. It's a slap in the face to people who have bought their products and recommended them to other people.

It blows my mind that, instead of realizing their error and offering an online coupon to people who can't buy clothes in their stores, their response to this is pretty much to shrug. That's just terrible customer service.

On the whole, I have to say that this doesn't bother me nearly as much as the (many) catalogs that charge, say, $10 more for every piece of plus size clothing than the equivalent regular size. Like you add $10 worth of fabric when you go from an XL to a 1X...

I have another issue with Old Navy. I recently purchased plus size clothes from their website. They were huge and way too big. Of course they don't accept returns for plus size clothes in the store, so you have to actually send them back to the warehouse.

I contacted Customer Service once I returned the clothes and they told me to expect a refund in 3-4 weeks. (???? Why would it take this long????)

Upon getting my return, they sent me another email stating that I would get my refund in one to two credit card BILLING CYCLES. That could be two MONTHS. This is ridiculous!

Had I known that these were their practices, I never would have ordered anything. Not only are they only offering these items online, but then if you need to return something, you have to wait up to two months to get a refund!

Old Navy/Gap doesn't partner with BBB... so who exactly is overseeing their business practices?

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