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Those are AWESOME boots and I love love love that they come in an extended wide-calf.

However, I wear a 28/30 and my calves are 19-20 inches at their widest point. I don't think dress size can be a reliable indicator of calf size. Especially since women of all sizes have muscular calves that won't fit into "regular" boots!

Those are nice looking boots! I really like them! Have you tried Easy Spirit? Their shoes come in wide!

I'm not trying to play I-have-it-worse, because I know I don't...but the line in the middle is giving me trouble. The seventeen-inch-and-up boots are too wide, but the regular sizes stop around fourteen inches. Where are the sixteen-inch boots? Anyone know? Because I would totally pay stupid money for bondage-style boots with work-style heels if I could find them. Thanks!

I've found some really great wide-calf boots at silhouettes.com too. Some run wide, others extra-wide.

I bought 2 pairs last winter. Both were called extra-wide, but only one pair actually fit. Of course that was one more than I'd ever been able zip up before! Now I have sassy knee-high boots, just like the skinny girls. Woohoo!

Have you tried DUO (www.duoboots.com)? They do a really big range of sizes, 20 calf widths I think. I have two pairs to date and both are fantastic. It was such a pleasure to be able to wear boots again. Completely transformed ny winter wardrobe!

I think I will try out these boots. I just returned 3 pairs of boots that I ordered from Jessica London. ALL of them were suppose to be for wide calfs, but they weren't. Also the quality was extremely poor. All around horrible, I don't recommend them.

Thanks for this recommendation! These are nice looking boots and reasonable too. Calling my local Avenue store right now...

I just got my pecan boots from Avenue.com. I have NEVER been so HAPPY with a purchase in my entire life. These are the sexist, most stylist and comfortable boots I have ever owned. You guys, these are definitely the winner. You won't be disappointed.


For the chica looking for 16" calf boots - try the Sudini custom (link goes to Zappos.com). I have 16" calves and these boots are incredible. I want to wear them every day.

Hey! Those boots are now on sale! $39!
There are some other cute boots on that page also.

be careful with the boots from Silhouettes. I have recently ordered FOUR differnt pairs of supposedly 17" calf boots and they are at least an inch from fitting. I measured the widest point of my calf and it is 17" so they should fit, they don't run true to size and were very disappointing.

anybody know where to get a 18" calf boot with a size 6 1/2 foot. My problem is i have a small foot and a big calf.

My mom recently bought a pair of boots from Woman Within (her fav. store) however the boots are to small in the calf area. She does not want to return them because she loves them so!! They zip up the calf. So my question is.... is there any type of zipper extenders to make the calf are wider?

I have 22 inch calf but only a size 5 to 5and a half shoe where can i buy a knee high boot and im ona budget thanks

I also bought a great pair of boots from Woman within that did not fit according to their claims - i took them to my local shoemand and he stretched them for $35 - they got kinda pricey after that but they fit great and look good -

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