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so SO right on!!

Or I'll insert my favorite:

"You're pretty hot - for a skinny chick."

right on chica!

For the record, I'm just hot! ;)

Yes. I particularly love the 'pretty face' comment. Nothing like a backhanded compliment.

Man, how many times in my life have I heard all of these?

Not related to weight, but: one time, ON THE BUS, a man sitting across from me said "Damn, you're a fine woman... got a big nose, though."

I always got "You have such pretty hair!" Wow thanks! WTF? And of course I'm very nice and sweet and smart, never pretty though.

I swear, if I were ever President, I would make it a capital offense to utter comment number 6!!! Argh!

Ive heard 1-3 quite a few times....

Yup, you've certainly nailed the classics. Luckily, no one dares say anything like that to my face anymore.

Colleen: I'm sure you are right about items 1-6 but if I said: "You have such a pretty face." I would mean it but it certainly wouldn't mean: "but I can hardly see it because..."
If some girl is pretty hot, she is pretty hot and that's that.

Something that I haven't seen mentioned on your site is that some people suit extra weight much more that any other body size. Offhand the best example I can think on is Rene Zelwegger.

Personally the biggest groin-achingly-horny turn-ons for me are someone's personality and the way they 'suit thier skin'. That goes right across the board regardless of size. I'm not the only one who is like this. I have seen plenty of guys who literally couldn't take thier eyes off a confident, sexy fat girl who walked past them.

BTW: If any friend of mine said any of the nasty stuff (above) to anyone else, they would be struck off the list. Period.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard one of those....

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